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Set To Go Cosmetic Bag Set Pattern


Set To Go Cosmetic Bag Set Pattern


Set To Go Cosmetic Bag Set Pattern


This listing is for one PDF pattern to make the Set To Go Cosmetic Bag Set.  The pattern includes all the instructions, dimensions for fabric cuts, and pattern pieces needed to make two different cosmetic bags, one is a pouch and the other is a case. This pattern has 29 pages that include great instructions and 70 color photographs so you can see what your doing at each step! There are also instructions for printing that help reduce paper waste. This pattern is designed for those with advanced beginner to intermediate sewing abilities.  I think you will enjoy making and using the Set To Go Cosmetic Bag Set! 

Take the Set To Go Cosmetic Bag Set wherever you are going; to the gym, to the office, or on a trip. The Set To Go Cosmetic Bag Set includes two bags. One bag is a zippered pouch that includes two interior slip pockets and a wrist strap that can also be used to hang the pouch on a hook in a bathroom or locker room. The other bag in this set is a zippered case that has one interior slip pocket. It includes a large loop that can be used to hang the case on a hook as well, but you can also open the wrist strap on the pouch and put it through the loop on the case to keep both bags securely together. The instructions for this pattern include the option of lining both bags with clear vinyl. Clear vinyl is durable and keeps the interior clean while still letting you see the pretty lining fabric. If you have not sewn with clear vinyl before; don’t worry, there are plenty of hints and tips to help you along the way so that by the end you will be an expert. When you are on the go, the Set To Go Cosmetic Bag Set is perfect to bring along!

I have included my email in the instructions so that if you have any questions as you make your tote you can email me and I will gladly help you!

I cannot accept returns or make refunds on this products because of its digital nature.

You are welcome to sell items made from this pattern on Etsy, your own web site, your shop, etc.  This pattern is not for use for mass production and selling.

When selling or listing items made from this pattern, please credit “Uniquely Michelle” in all item descriptions.  You can do this by simply adding something like, “This item was made using a Uniquely Michelle pattern.”  

I ask that you not claim this pattern as your own creation or allow others to use it.  This pattern is for your the personal use of only the person who purchased the pattern, do not copy it for others.  The Set To Go Cosmetic Bag Set pattern and instructions may only be purchased from me.

Finished Size: (approximate measurements)
Set To Go Cosmetic Pouch:  9½” (25 cm) wide at widest part, 7” (18 cm) high, 2½” (6 cm) deep at bottom
Set To Go Cosmetic Case:  7¾” (19½ cm) wide, 5 ¾” (14½ cm) high, 2½” (6 cm) deep

Materials Needed:
I use quilting cotton for the fabric.  The amounts given below will give you enough fabric for both the On the Go Cosmetic Pouch and the On the Go Cosmetic Case.  
Exterior Main Fabric: ¾ yard
Exterior Coordinating Fabric:  ¼ yard
Lining Fabric:  ½ yard
54” wide clear vinyl 4 gauge or medium weight (Optional):  1/3 yard  *Note: I suggest this weight of
vinyl because it is a good weight for the lining of a bag and keeps it from being too difficult
to turn the bag right side out.
50” wide fusible fleece:  ½ yard
20” wide fusible woven mid-weight interfacing:  1 yard (such as Pellon Shape-Flex #101)
12” zipper (main zipper for pouch)
14” zipper (main zipper for case)
½” OR 1” O-ring (I like the look of a 1” O-ring for an added “bling” look, but a ½” O-ring works too!)
½” swivel snap hook
Water-soluble erasable marking pen or chalk pencil

If you will be lining the Set To Go Cosmetic Bags with clear vinyl, you will also need:
Clips (such as Clover Wonder Clips) or small binding clips or hair clips – Clips work better when
working with vinyl and leather or faux leather because pins create holes in these materials
that don’t go away.  You will need about 20-25 clips.  
©2016 Uniquely Michelle  All Rights Reserved

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