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What I Have Learned About the Pattern Making Process - Getting a Pattern "Out There"

Michelle Burke

The last post on this series addresses getting a pattern "out there." After designing and writing a great pattern, and having it tested by several pattern testers, it is finally time to put it up for sale and hope all the hard work will pay off!

There are a few options for listing a pattern, Etsy and Craftsy are the two that I use. Both Etsy and Craftsy are great platforms for selling patterns. Although Etsy takes more of your profit, it also exposes you to a very large audience of buyers - this is very helpful when trying to sell something! Although Craftsy has fewer members than Etsy, Craftsy doesn't keep any of your profit.

It is great to have options like Etsy, Craftsy, your own website, etc. for selling patterns, but if you are just hoping people will stumble on your pattern at one of these sites, the wait could be long. Marketing is key to getting people to see, and therefore buy your pattern. Social media is a perfect platform for this. I have a business Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account and a Pintrest account. From both Etsy and Craftsy, it is easy to post to many of these social media sites. I usually like to write my own posts though so that I can add the pictures I want to add, but I always make sure there is a link that takes people to the pattern so they can easily buy it. Marketing is a lost cause if potential customers can't find, and buy, the product that is being advertised.

Another sneak peek of my next pattern!

Another sneak peek of my next pattern!

I think by posting sneak peeks before a pattern release can help get people excited for the new pattern. I also think posting several times for the first week or two after a pattern is released can keep that excitement going. Keeping posts fresh and new is great, and this is where I am hoping to get help from my pattern testers again. It is great to be able to post pictures of other people's product that they made from my pattern, not just my pictures. Some of my pattern testers have said they would write about my pattern in their blog; providing a link in a social media post to someone else's blog post about a new pattern is a great way to keep people's interest up and hopefully help them decide to buy the pattern! Marketing a new pattern on social media sites is a great way to direct traffic to a new pattern listing and that will help increase sales! 

I have a new pattern coming out in two days! It's time to take my own advice and ramp up my marketing - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, here I come!

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