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Goodbye Lindsay Wristlet Week - It Has Been Fun

Michelle Burke

Today is the last day of Lindsay Wristlet Week - I hope you have enjoyed learning some way to change up the Lindsay Wristlet a bit! It was fun learning from Kristina how to increase the size of the Lindsay Wristlet and how to add a slip pocket. Thanks Kristina for teaching us how to do both of those things! It was fun for me to give away three of my patterns - congratulations to the winners! The 15% off sale will go through today at 10:00pm (MDT), so don't miss out - get any Uniquely Michelle patterns now! Remember to enter the coupon code LINDSAYWEEK during checkout in my Website Shop or in the Uniquely Michelle Etsy Shop. You can also purchase patterns from the Uniquely Michelle Craftsy Pattern Shop where I have reduced the prices to reflect the 15% off.

I would love to see pictures of everyone's Lindsay Wristlet creations, whether you change it up some or just follow the pattern! Please share any pictures on Instagram (#uniquelymichelle) or in the Uniquely Michelle Sewing Patterns Facebook Group. The Facebook group is a fun place to not only share pictures of your Uniquely Michelle creations, but to also get help and share ideas. Speaking of sharing ideas . . . please share any ideas you have for changing up the Lindsay Wristlet pattern. I have already had someone suggest another great change up for the Lindsay Wristlet (I will have to share this one later), but I am sure there are even more ideas out there! Share your ideas in the comments below or in the Uniquely Michelle Sewing Patterns Facebook Group.

Thanks for joining me during Lindsay Wristlet Week, it has been a blast!

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