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More Testers' Tea Time Tea Wallets

Michelle Burke

Today, I am excited to share more Tea Time Tea Wallets made by my amazing testers! The testers that I am featuring today made some alterations to the pattern that I think you will be excited to see. For such a quick and easy item to sew, it is fun to see that there are things you can do to make this little tea wallet stand out! Enjoy these beautiful Tea Time Tea Wallets!

Sue Reed of Dreamscape Studio made several beautiful Tea Time Tea Wallets! She is putting mosts of them is shop to sell, but has one that she made as a gift for a friend. I love the variety of fabric’s Sue used to make her wallets! Sue changed up a couple things on her tea wallets, she has a tea bag shaped tea bag label that she has embroidered her signature flower on and she added two center pocket sections! Sue said this about the Tea Time Tea Wallet pattern, “Amazing pattern Michelle. I really love this being able to load up and put in your purse. Being a new tea drinker, I will be able to bring my teas to the office or anywhere and keep them all neat in one place. Great stocking stuffers.”

I love the British flair of Kate Marion’s Tea Time Tea Wallet. Kate of Katydid KLM used a variety of fabrics for the interior of her Tea Time Tea Wallet – what a great combination of cute fabrics! Kate also added two center pocket sections to her tea wallet. And what’s not to love about that bee on her hexagon tea bag label! Kate said, “This is a fantastic, cute gift . . . to give as gifts to clients, etc.” Kate makes beautiful bags and is also a real estate agent. How fun to give a Tea Time Tea Wallet filled with some nice teas to clients when they close on their house as a house warming gift – great idea Kate!

Jenniffer Howling made two Tea Time Tea Wallets, one following the pattern instructions and one she varied. Jenniffer wanted to be able to add packets of instant coffee or drink mixes to her Tea Time Tea Wallet, so she altered one of the interior pockets to make it work! What a fabulous idea! This alteration took a bit more work to figure out, but I will post a tutorial on how to do it in a couple of weeks. It is an easy change to make once you know how to change things up a bit. Jenniffer said this about the pattern, “Love the pattern and it is such a quick sew. I can see these for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, etc.”

Noor Raats made a beautiful Tea Time Tea Wallet, her fabrics are stunning! Noor made her tea wallet following the instructions, but at the end she lost her tea bag string and label. I can’t imagine how that could happen in a sewing space - ;) LOL! Noor forged ahead on her tea wallet without the string and label only to find it later – again LOL! I really like the sleek, modern look of Noor’s Tea Time Tea Wallet without the string and label, so I don’t know that it was really a loss in the end! Noor wrote about her Tea Time Tea Wallet on her Quiero and Me blog. It is written in Dutch, but she added a “translate” button so you can still read it. The translation is a bit quirky, but it is still fun to read!

What a gorgeous Tea Time Tea Wallet Alison Shaw made with a beautiful white embroidered flower on solid black fabric! I love the kitchen-themed fabric she used for the interior accent fabric too. Seeing such a pretty embroidered creation like this always makes me envious of those of you with embroidery machines – maybe someday! Until then, I will just drool over Alison’s Tea Time Tea Wallet!

A big thank you to all my testers – they are an amazing, creative group of ladies and I am thankful that they share their talents to help make Uniquely Michelle patterns as close to perfect as possible. Whether you realize it or not, you as a sewist are very thankful to pattern testers as well - they catch mistakes and omissions to patterns so that you can enjoy sewing your Tea Time Tea Wallet!

Today is the last day of the sale! To celebrate the release of the Tea Time Tea Wallet pattern, all Uniquely Michelle patterns are on sale for 15% off through Today, Sunday December 3rd at 10:00pm (MST). Use coupon code SALE15 when purchasing from the Uniquely Michelle Website Shop or the Uniquely Michelle Etsy Shop. The discount has been applied to the prices in the Uniquely Michelle Craftsy Pattern Shop.  coupon code SAVE15 in . . . to get 15% off all Uniquely Michelle patterns. The sale runs through 10:00pm MST.

Make sure to comment on the posts that look like this if you want to be entered in the giveaway to win a Tea Time Tea Wallet pattern!

Make sure to comment on the posts that look like this if you want to be entered in the giveaway to win a Tea Time Tea Wallet pattern!

Today is also the last day to enter the giveaway! For this giveaway, you have three chances to win a Tea Time Tea Wallet pattern. To enter, comment on the "giveaway" posts on Instagram, on the Uniquely Michelle Facebook Page and in the Uniquely Michelle Facebook Group. The posts look like the one pictured above. I will randomly draw one lucky winner from each social media post today, Sunday December 3 at 10:00pm MST. Good Luck!!!

Once you have your Tea Time Tea Wallet made, please share pictures of your awesome Tea Time Tea Wallet creations on Instagram (#uniquelymichelle #teatimeteawallet) and in the Uniquely Michelle Sewing Patterns Facebook Group (a fun place to share you Uniquely Michelle creations and see other's creations too). You can follow Uniquely Michelle on Instagram and on the Uniquely Michelle Facebook Page.

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