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Kristine ID Wallet Sew Along Coming Soon

Michelle Burke

There was a lot of interest in a Kristine ID Wallet Sew Along after Kristine ID Wallet Week, so in 10 days (September 25th) the Kristine ID Wallet Sew Along will begin! I am so excited!!! This post has some general information that you need to know now to prepare for the sew along including information on how to get the Kristine ID Wallet pattern at a reduced price!


In case you have never participated in a sew along, it is a blog series that focuses on one pattern so that you can get some extra help and hints on that pattern while sewing along with the host of the sew along (the person writing the posts) and others who join the sew along. A sew along is perfect for someone who wants to try a new pattern, someone who has sewn a pattern but has questions, or someone who just want to be part of sewing something along with some great internet friends.


A sew along is sometimes hosted by the pattern designer and sometimes it is hosted by another sewist. The Kristine ID Wallet Sew along will be hosted by me, Michelle (the pattern designer). I like the idea of someone other than the designer hosting a sew along because you get a different perspective on the pattern, but since this is the first Uniquely Michelle sew along I thought I would host it. You will still get a lot of great tips and hints – things that if I included in the pattern it would make the pattern crazy long. You will also get some great tips and hints from other sewists.  I am asking any of you who have sewn Kristine ID Wallets to add your expert tips, tricks and ideas along the way by adding comments to each post. I love a sew along because it can feel like you are sewing something with your friends instead of sewing by yourself – how fun! Oh yes, there will be prizes of course too!

The Kristine ID Sew Along will start on Monday, September 25th and the sew along blog posts will continue each day through Friday, September 29th. You can sew along with the posts each day but if you miss a day you will have time to catch up. There will be a random drawing with prizes. To enter the random drawing, you will need to have posted a picture of your completed Kristine ID Wallet by Monday, October 16 at 10:00pm MDT. More details will follow on how to post your Kristine ID Wallet picture so that you will be entered in the drawing, but you will be able to post in the Uniquely Michelle Sewing Patterns Facebook Group, Instagram or you can email me a picture of your completed Kristine ID Wallet.


The Kristine ID Wallet pattern has a supply list, but here are some things that you may want to consider that vary slightly from the supply list:

o   Of course you will need the Kristine ID Wallet Pattern! You can purchase it from the Uniquely Michelle Website Shop, the Uniquely Michelle Etsy Shop or the Uniquely Michelle Patterns Craftsy Shop. The Kristine ID Wallet pattern will be 20% off from now through October 16th. Use coupon code SEWKIDW in the Website Shop and Etsy Shop. On Craftsy, the price reflects the discount - no coupon code neede.

o   Fabric – See the pattern for the materials list, but you may want to start figuring this part out now, mostly just because it is so fun. You may also want to consider if you only want to use two fabrics, one for the exterior and one for the interior as the pattern suggests or do you want the flap and ID window to be in a third, coordinating fabric. Maybe you want the flap and card pockets to be in a coordinating fabric. These are just things to think about!

o   Hardware – a magnetic or regular snap, a small piece of clear vinyl (see the Information About Clear Vinyl post for suggestions for what I use), and a split key ring or a ½” D-ring, and one or two ½” swivel snap hooks (one if you will be making the wrist strap OR the lanyard, two if you want to make both).


The Kristine ID Wallet is a fast sew, so this should be a fun and relaxed sew along! Make sure you join the Uniquely Michelle Sewing Patterns Facebook group to stay informed about the sew along. You can also stay informed by signing up to receive email newsletters - see the end of this post. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress pictures (posting these will increase you chances for winning prizes) and your final Kristine ID Wallet creations!

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