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A Fresh Find - Jumbo Wonder Clips

Michelle Burke

I have been using the red and multi-colored Wonder Clips for awhile now and I love them . . . but there are times when they just don't have enough reach to do what I need them to do.


But just recently I found Jumbo Wonder Clips.

You can see in the pictures above how the Jumbo Wonder Clips compare to the normal-sized Wonder Clips - they have a much longer reach.

Sewing the Kristine ID Wallet has its challenges when trying to use the normal sized Wonder Clips and pins aren't always the best back-up option either. For instance, when placing the ID window pocket, Wonder Clips don't reach and pinning is difficult because you don't want to pin through the clear vinyl. So when I first saw the super-sized Jumbo Wonder Clips, I couldn't wait to order some and try them out! They work perfectly for holding the ID window pocket in place, making it so much easier to sew it in the exact place I want it!


I also used the Jumbo Wonder Clips to hold the flap while I sew it to the front of the Kristine ID Wallet. The normal-sized Wonder Clips just can't quite reach . . .

IMG_8532 2.jpg

. . . but the Jumbo Wonder Clips reach without any problem!


One more place I found the Jumbo Wonder Clips useful is to hold my Uniquely Michelle tag in place. Usually I put my tag on the inside of the flap, but this time I wanted it on the lining. A Jumbo Wonder Clip did a perfect job of holding the tag in place.


I am excited to try the Jumbo Wonder Clips on more projects - I am already planning to use them soon when I sew some Just the Ticket Luggage Tags! Do you have any sewing projects in mind where you think you would use Jumbo Wonder Clips? Leave a comment and let me know!

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