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Jaby's Tutorial - Sewing The Kristine ID Wallet in Vinyl

Michelle Burke

I know you have been waiting for this . . . Jaby of Sew 1980s is sharing her tips for sewing the Kristine ID Wallet out of vinyl or faux leather without adding a lot of extra bulk! Her alternate way of making the card pockets is genius! Jaby knows that time is money when it comes to selling her sewing creations, so her methods are also fast! So now, here is Jaby's tutorial!

KIDW Vinyl Tutorial


By Sew1980s

Cut the card wallet back piece 4 ½” wide by 4” tall. 


Using an exacto knife or sharp blade; cut a thin slit 1.25” below the top of the wallet.  The slot will start and end at .25” on each side of the wallet.   Your second slot will be cut half an inch below your first one.  Cut the second card slot using the same length as your first card slot. 

Cut your credit card pockets using your lining fabric.   These will be two separate pieces measured 4.50” x 4.50” On the right side of the lining fabric, mark a line across the top-half an inch down.  Then flip the fabric over to the wrong side and mark another line 2.25” below the top.  Below that, still on the wrong side mark another line 1.75” below the line you just made.  There should be half an inch of fabric remaining below that second line.  At the 2.25” mark fold the right sides together; then fold the wrong sides together at the 1.75” line.  The pocket should look like this.  I also put a crease in the very top line to know where to place the fabric at on the back of the vinyl piece.

To assemble the credit card pockets, flip the vinyl pocket piece over with the wrong side facing up, place your bottom pocket as pictured.  You can use clips to hold it in place or manually hold it in place when you flip it back over and stitch it to the bottom of the second credit card slot. 

Before you start the top pocket; fold over that excess fabric wrong sides together.  Continue to sew the top pocket like the bottom credit card pocket was done. 

Mark the placement lines on the both the right and the left sides to lay the 2-1” x 4” back pocket pieces on each side.  Stitch the envelope flap on.  The Envelope flap will be stitched into the zipper, and cut .50 larger than the regular pattern piece.  (See the KIDW Reverse applique flap tutorial for instruction)

To make the ID window cut two pieces of vinyl measured 4” x 2 ½”.  Mark a square on the inside measuring a half inch on all sides.  Cut the square out on both pieces of vinyl.  Add your clear vinyl piece and sew together with raw edges. 

For my key chain strap I cut a piece of vinyl .5” x 2.5”.  Because I use a thin piece of vinyl I fold mine in half to stitch together for stability.  However; if your vinyl is thicker, you should not need to fold it in half.


The final pieces should look like this.  Continue stitching the wallet using the KIDW Instructions. 


Thanks Jaby for another great Kristine ID Wallet tutorial! You can see more of Jaby's awesome creations in her Sew 1980s Etsy shop and on her Sew1980s Facebook page. You can also follow Sew1980s on Instagram (@sew1980s)!

If you don't have the Kristine ID Wallet pattern yet, you can purchase it from one of these shops: the Uniquely Michelle Etsy Shop, the Uniquely Michelle Website Shop, or the Uniquely Michelle Craftsy Pattern Shop.

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