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Kristine ID Wallet Week - Amping Up the Flap

Michelle Burke

I can't believe we are halfway through Kristine ID Wallet Week! So many great ideas have already been shared and fun giveaways too! The winner of yesterday's Kristine ID Wallet Week giveaway is Sandy of Upstairs Hobbyroom! Congratulations Sandy! She will be getting a great Kristine ID Wallet kit in the mail very soon! Be sure to read to the end of this post to find out how to enter today's Kristine ID Wallet Week giveaway!

Today Jaby Sanders of Sew1980s is sharing with us how she amps up her Kristine ID Wallet flaps! I think you are going to love learning Jaby's technique for making the flaps on the Kristine ID Wallet extra special! Jaby started sewing around 2009 during one of her husband's deployments on a machine her mother in law gave her. Jaby said, "It really helped keep my brain occupied while he was gone and helped my mother in law and I grow very close." Jaby keeps busy homeschooling her two children, and teaching quilting in a homeschool co-op. I can't wait to share Jaby's tutorial with you, but I am even more excited that she has agreed to share her technique in a live video tomorrow - more about that later!
Jaby did what I like to do when making a Kristine ID Wallet - she featured a special design of the fabric on the flap. But then she went a step further . . .

Jaby did what I like to do when making a Kristine ID Wallet - she featured a special design of the fabric on the flap. But then she went a step further . . .

I don't know about you, but when I make a Kristine ID Wallet, I like to try to place a favorite part of the fabric so it is showcased on the flap. Jaby does the same thing except she goes one step further to make it even more special! Here is Jaby's tutorial:

The KIDW is one of my favorite patterns I own.  My favorite thing about it?  The envelope flap above the credit card pockets.  It is the perfect spot to highlight your fabric.  Kylie from Lean Mean Sewing Machine taught me a really great lesson this past year.  She showed me how fabric can be highlighted by fussy cutting a specific scene or by reverse applique.  I use vinyl or cork to create a frame around a specific scene that makes each KIDW even more special.

To make your own reverse applique envelope flaps use clear vinyl and a permanent marker to make a stencil of the shape I want to incorporate into my KIDW flap.  Find the silhouette of the design you want to use either on your cell phone, or trace around a shape on the fabric. 

Once your silhouette is drawn, cut it out, then trace it onto the cork or vinyl.  Using this method, it’s important to remember the envelope flap must be cut ¼ to ½ inch taller depending on your stencil.  Making the taller cut will give you the flexibility to use a little larger design. 

Cut out your vinyl envelope flap and the stencil.  I save the stencil that is cut out of the cork to use on the fabric envelope flap for another KIDW.  Use the Envelope flap to find the spot on your fabric to highlight. 

Do not interface your cork, but I use fusible fleece to interface the exterior fabric and 808 to interface my interior fabric (cut ¼ inch shorter than fabric).  Once you have fused your fabrics, stitch the right side of the exterior fabric to the wrong side of the cork.  This step ensures little puffing of the fabric through the stencil window.  Once that is done top stitch around the shape of your silhouette. 

I stitch the envelope flap into the zipper, and top stitch under the envelope flap. 

Finish stitching the KIDW up following the instructions on the pattern.  

I cannot wait to see how each of your KIDWs turn out.  Be sure to share them in the Uniquely Michelle Sewing Patterns Group on Facebook!

Thanks Jaby! I cannot wait to try this technique on a Kristine ID Wallet! So I mentioned that Jaby will be showing us this technique in a live video tomorrow - you will be able to watch her make another Kristine ID Wallet flap on the Uniquely Michelle Sewing Patterns Facebook Group tomorrow morning at 7:00am (MDT)! Please join us, I know I will be watching - it will be fun!
You can see more of Jaby's fabulous creations in her Sew 1980s Etsy shop and on her Sew1980s Facebook page. You can also follow Sew1980s on Instagram (@sew1980s)!

There is a lot going on with Kristine ID Wallet Week! Don't forget that all Uniquely Michelle patterns are 15% off during Kristine ID Wallet Week. Use coupon code KIDWWEEK during check out at the Uniquely Michelle Etsy Shop or the Uniquely Michelle Website Shop. The prices in the Uniquely Michelle Craftsy Pattern Shop reflect the 15% discount.

Make sure to comment on the post on any Uniquely Michelle social media platform (link below) to be entered in today's giveaway!

Make sure to comment on the post on any Uniquely Michelle social media platform (link below) to be entered in today's giveaway!

Today's giveaway winner will receive an exclusive coupon code for 50% off on one pattern from the Uniquely Michelle Etsy Shop or from the Uniquely Michelle Website Shop! To enter just comment on one of the posts with the above photo in any of the Uniquely Michelle social media platforms! Here are the places you can find the post and comment:

You can comment on more than one post to increase your chances of winning. The drawing will take place tomorrow morning at 9:00am MDT. I will announce the winner in tomorrow's blog post and Instagram and Facebook posts! Good Luck Everyone!!!

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