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The Snap To It Key Fob & The Kristine ID Wallet - A Good Pair!

Michelle Burke

As you would probably guess, I made several Snap To It Key Fobs as I was writing the Snap To It Key Fob pattern. Since the release of this free pattern, I have made a few more - they are so fun to make and fast to sew up! As I was writing the pattern, I kept thinking that the Snap To It Key Fob would make a great wristlet strap for a wallet or wristlet. I had to try it out of course, so I made a Kristine ID Wallet and matching Snap To It Key Fob.

I think it turned out so cute! I combined Essex Linen in Teal with a pretty floral called September Blooms designed by Shopcabin for Hawthorne Threads. The print comes in two sizes and I used the “little” size in the Peacock color. I then added Squared Elements in Honeycomb by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics for the lining of the Kristine ID Wallet.


By making the exterior of the Kristine ID Wallet out of two fabrics, I hoped to accent the floral fabric and make it coordinate with the Snap To It Key Fob even more. I really like how the blue linen makes the floral fabric take center stage!

Those snaps are turquoise SnapSource metal snaps, I love the way they look with the fabrics. I also love the copper-colored hardware I used for this Snap To It Key Fob. I got this pretty 1¼” rose gold/copper finish key fob hardware from Bagmaker Supply.


I think the Snap To It Key Fob and the Kristine ID Wallet make a great pair, don’t you? I like that by adding a Snap To It Key Fob to the Kristine ID Wallet, you can snap your Kristine ID Wallet to a grocery cart, baby stroller or strap of a purse, making it very convenient.


If you don’t have the Kristine ID Wallet pattern you can purchase it from the Uniquely Michelle Craftsy Pattern Shop, the Uniquely Michelle Website Shop or the Uniquely Michelle Etsy Shop. The Snap To It Key Fob pattern is a free pattern that can be found in the Uniquely Michelle Website Shop.

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Welcome to My Blog!

Michelle Burke

I thought I should start my blog by telling you a little about myself. My name is Michelle Burke, and I am the Michelle in "Uniquely Michelle."  Uniquely Michelle is the name of my Etsy shop where I sell my handmade purses, bags, wallets and other items. 

I love fabric and I love to sew! I have been sewing for about 35 years. I started sewing around the age of 10 with my mom; we sewed a lot of quilts together. I have sewn throughout the years, both out of necessity and as a creative outlet. When my two daughters were little, I made clothes for them because it was a lot cheaper than buying clothes. When we moved into a new house, I made window coverings, pillows, chair cushions, and other decorator items. As people saw my work, they asked me to make decorator items for their homes, and so I started my first sewing business. In the last couple of years, I have enjoyed making and selling purses, bags, and wallets. Not long after I started sewing bags, my two teenage daughters, wanted wristlets and I couldn't find a pattern that I liked, so I designed a wristlet for them and wrote it up as a pattern. They loved it! And now that pattern - The Lindsay Wristlet - is one of the top sellers in my Etsy shop and continues to get great reviews. My next pattern is being tested now by my group of pattern testers, and it should be ready for release at the beginning of next month. I am so excited for its release! 

As for this blog, I want to write about what I am sewing, the patterns I am designing, and any tricks or ideas I have to make sewing more fun. Although you may not sew yourself, you will get to see my process and my products here, as well as bags designed by myself and others.  I mostly want to use this blog as a place where I can express and share my love of sewing and design! I hope you enjoy!

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